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Repairing is the solution, not replacing!

Most of the natural stones such as marble or granite involve a hefty price tag. Once you install them at your home in the form of a worktop, it's natural that damages and discolouration do occur with everyday usage. If you are wondering on how to get rid of discolouration and damages without replacing your worktop, you are looking in the right place.


Our exclusive worktop repair service will rectify any damage at an amazing value for money price, get your free quote today.

A range of solutions for a range of damage

Marble Shine Ltd provides solutions to a whole range of surface damages, such as:

•   Damages to the stone in the edges and corners

•   Old stains that are hard to remove even after usage of chemicals.

•   Any cracks and chippings across the surface of the natural stone

•   All deep imprints such as marks and scratches on the surface

Are you looking for travertine worktop repair?

From limestone to granite and from marble to terrazzo, our worktop repair services can assist you with any natural stone across Surrey and the UK. Our aim would be to minimise or completely remove any damage, and leave you with a shining, all-new looking and sturdy natural stone that brings a smile on your

face and pocket!

We value our customers and we always endeavour to make them happy. Take a look at our gallery & testimonials section where we have an assorted collection of customer reviews.

Haven't you obtained our worktop services yet?

Marble Shine Ltd has been in the business since 1987 and in the last 28 years, we have encountered thousands of surfaces requiring our attention. Our experts have gained immense experience that are put into action when we encounter your stone worktop or flooring problems - Ultimately, we provide accurate and long-lasting solutions that make our customers happy and satisfied.

For all domestic and commercial natural stone services, call:

01293 863 363

granite discolouration Damages to stone in the edges and corners