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Are you looking for Terrazzo restoration?

Terrazzo is most widely used across commercial buildings for flooring and staircases. Terrazzo is a mixture of cement and marble chippings that offers a spectacular shine and colour. With the daily footfall that offices and schools sustain, it loses the glossiness it has when first installed. If the terrazzo used in your office building has lost its shine, contact us today to get it back.


Our terrazzo stone experts can restore the original colour and texture, to bring back the stone to its

natural form.

Durable yet prone to dirt!

Terrazzo is one of the durable and hardest stones, and it is no surprise that they are most commonly used for commercial building's staircases. Yet, dirt gets deposited easily and it can become grubby looking after a while.

What is the solution?

With Marble Shine Ltd, you can obtain a host of terrazzo cleaning services where we follow several processes that will repair the stone. Our grinding process followed by polishing helps in fine tuning the stone to its original state, bringing back its natural colour and texture - All this for less than you'd expect to pay. Get your quote from us today.

Our services are available in Surrey, London and across the UK

Our terrazzo stone services are based in Horley, Surrey. All you need to do, is to get in touch with us and we will provide you with all the terrazzo cleaning process information you will need. With experts ready to be at your service, you are sure to obtain the best and most professional service that you can get.

Our team of specialists will provide you with the optimal terrazzo restoration options based on the existing condition of the stone - Whether it needs a slip resistant finish or a polished finish.

For periodic and timely maintenance of any natural stone, contact

Marble Shine Ltd on:

01293 863 363

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